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Massage Therapy 
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In every sequence, I utilize hydrotherapy techniques to enhance the healing of your session.   These techniques include things like hot towels and heat packs.
Just Added: Ayurvedic Treatments!
Please see below for descriptions. Note: Before we begin any Ayurvedic treatment, you will take a test to determine what your Dosha is.  More information on what a dosha is can be located below the treatments.

Type of Treatment
-Experience one of the
most therapeutic
massages possible for the 
neck and back without
pain or discomfort. This
therapy warms and
spreads the fascia
surrounding the muscles
to enhance freedom of
movement. Specific
points of restriction are
then manipulated to
encourage the release of 
deeper tension.
(aka- knots!)
 I recommend this
 treatment for chronic
soreness or stiffness 
due to overuse.
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
Add 30 More Minutes
Hot Stone Massage
My clients are simply
in love with this 
amazing treatment.
Stones are warmed in a
cooker to between
120-130 degrees and are then 
used as extensions of 
my hands to
give an unforgettable
massage. The heat from the
stones penetrates deep into 
the muscles releasing stress,
tension, and soreness. 
In addition, the sequence
raises your body temp.
which helps the body
naturally detoxify itself
of toxins and lactic acid.
**Must Try!**
60 Minutes
Add 30 More Minutes
Back Treatment


As a firm believer in the power of essential oils and herbs, I have combined both worlds to create a fabulous masque that is applied to the back as you enjoy relaxing massage to your legs and feet.  When the masque has done it's work, it's removed with warm towels followed by a therapeutic massage to the back, neck, and scalp. 
Simply heaven!
 65 minutes

Ayurvedic Treatments

 Discover your dosha!

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that's been around for more then 5000 years. You will first receive a front body massage with a blend of oils specific to your dosha.  Then, warm oil is poured over the head with a focus on your "Center Eye" area in a steady stream for
20-30 minutes.
Benefits: Ultimate mental and emotional relaxation, basically an induced state of meditation. Helps with insomnia, anxiety, steadies the nervous system, improves health of skin and hair, opens the 3rd eye, increases spiritual awareness.

 Around an hour
 Ayurvedic Massage with Either Shirodhara OR Herbal Steam Treatment

Receive dry brush exfoliation followed by Abhyanga massage to increase the bodies temperature which improves the elimination of impurities from the body. After massage receive either an herbal steam detox treatment or Shirodhara. This combination balances your dosha, lubricates joints, increases cell metabolism, relieves muscle tension, increases lymph-flow, induces meditative state of relaxation, can aid in weight loss.

 90 minutes

This sequence of healing includes: Ayurvedic massage with exfoliation, Shirodhara and the herbal steam tent treatment. It takes around 2 hours but this is subject to your specific dosha and may last a little longer. This treatment is also known as "The Art of Making New." So be prepared for profound relaxation and a feeling of newness to both your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

 2 Hours
Possible for time to go over a little bit.
What is a Dosha?
Our biological existence is a dance of three doshas known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These 3 energies color and determine our conditions of growth and aging, health and disease. Dosha's impact us on two levels: they are factors that produce the physical body and are responsible for it's substance and function; with in each of us, one dosha predominates and becomes the basis for his or her particular constitution or body-type.

Kapha: possess the strongest body build and have the most stamina but can lack in motivation and adaptation.

Pitta: generally have a moderate body build and strength and have great mental and emotional force or intensity.

Vata: have the most delicate body build and weakest stamina but have the greatest capacity for change and adaptation.


Additional Treatments
Warm Bamboo
-Bamboo sticks are
warmed up and then used
to glide over tense muscles
making them melt like
butta! Physical therapists
actually use a similar
technique with a metal
bar... I prefer bamboo!
Scalp Massage
15 Minutes
Foot Massage
15 Minutes
Exfoliation Wrap
First, your body will be
exfoliated by means of a dry
skin brush which not only
sluffs off dead skin cells,
but it gets your Lymphatic
System a jump start!
What that means is your
immune system is
getting some much needed
help to function better. 
Next, your body is massaged
with an essential oil blend
tapered specifically to
meet your goals.
After, you are wrapped up in
blankets for 15-20 min
while you receive a foot OR
scalp & neck massage,
allowing the
oils to penetrate deep into
your skin and body, giving
them a chance to
work their magic!
You'll be walking on cloud 9.
75 Minutes
Ask me about Aromatherapy!
"Chalee’s hot stone massage gives me an hour of peace that is literally a slice of heaven.  It’s better than chocolate!" - Michelle, Omaha
"Chalee combines total professionalism with a personal healing touch and presence. Her massage therapy has helped me recover from a shoulder injury and chronic back pain this year as well as promoting a general sense of well-being that lasts well beyond the session." 
-Frank, Omaha
"Every time I visit Chalee I feel as all my time was very important to her and I leave feeling far better than when I did entering. She is caring and passionate about what she does and it is evident in her sessions!" -Jake, Omaha
"I've had massages from all over the world, but you, YOU are one of the best!" -Jane, Omaha
"Chalee totally rocks! Her hot stone massage is the best I've ever experienced!" -Chrystal, Omaha
Massage Therapy quickly became something very meaningful in my life. The power of touch is phenomenal with results beyond what the imagination or science can comprehend.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to make a career out of something I've become so passionate for.  
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